Evening Tour Rates on Weekends

Upstage Party Bus is the worlds largest open-air party bus tour located in Nashville, TN.   The bus is the only one of its kind, being the only luxury coach bus to be roofless, and essentially a stage on wheels.  It is the ONLY bus to have a professional DJ on board for every tour, who also controls all concert lighting, and mixing music videos together on all 8 TV’s.   Other companies may say they have a DJ, but that’s just an aux cord plugged into a regular stereo anyone can get.  In addition, we have a private bartender on each tour who will keep all your drinks ice cold in our refrigerator!  This being said, our most popular tours are Friday & Saturday nights.

Because of the high demand on Friday & Saturday nights, we leave these tour times open to “Shared Tours”.   Our bus holds 43 passengers, but we give you the heightened “Upstage” feel by only allowing 30 people on board, allowing plenty of room for dancing and getting to and from the bar.  Private options can be available, but would require all 30 spots to be booked by one party, in essence making it a “Private Tour”.    The price per each seat on these tours are $50, and renting out all 30 spots brings the total to $1,500 plus taxes and fees.