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***Several photos throughout this site were when taken in the winter when the bus had glass on the sides, we are now open-air as it is warmer out.  If it gets cold or rains, we have windows that will drop down

Welcome to Miss Avery Grace, Nashville’s only  party bus completely devoted to the girls (yes, the guys are welcome)!  This bus is beyond bougie!  It is equipped with a unique shimmer wall, photo booth, flower wall, pink seating, refrigeration, karaoke machine and much much more!  Our sound system will have your group up and dancing your way through Nashville as you see all the hot spots, and many murals for photo opportunities.  Each tour comes with a host that will make sure your drinks stay filled, your music selection is on point, and be your photographer!  All of our drivers have a Class A CDL, carry a passenger endorsement, and are the best of the best!

Upstage Party Bus is a family owned company, this bus is dedicated to our daughter, Avery Grace.  We specialize in kids parties, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, karaoke parties, and corporate events.

Due to Nashville’s ever changing laws, any alcohol above 8% is not allowed on board, meaning no hard liquor.  We made it easy for you to follow these rules by using a pre-order form for your BYOB drinks.  Upstage Party Bus is classy, shotgunning beers, beer bongs, and blatant disrespect to the bus or staff is not permitted and will terminate the run.

Upstage Party Bus is happy to announce that we have received our permits to operate our busses with alcohol (up to 8%) on 6/29/2022.  In accordance with the new laws and regulations,  if an individual under 21 is on board, alcohol is not allowed for the entire group!  Please understand when booking that sales are final and this has been noted on our site as of 7/1/2022.


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Miss Avery Grace Bus
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PLEASE NOTE: The photographer is a social media host, who is brilliant at making Tiktok videos and takes great photos.  The camera used is an iPhone and photos and videos are  modified with software on our apps which we believe turns out better than most “professional” camera shoots.  Original photos will be air dropped, emailed, or sent by text to one person in the party at the end of each tour.  Modified pictures, videos, and Tik-toks may be used on our social media, and you will have to follow or like us  on our social media pages to receive/tag yourself in those photos or videos.  Photo-booth pictures will be posted within 30 days of your tour to the link provided in your confirmation email.

karaoke bar in Nashville TN
Party Bus with Photographer


Each 2 hour tour is $600 (Last tour is $650 as it’s highest in demand) plus taxes and fees,  the price does not include gratuity for your host or driver.  Suggested gratuity is $10 per person from each passenger to the driver and to the host/photographer.   They work hard to exceed your expectations, show them some love!



2 Hour Party Bus Tour of Nashville

2 Hour Party Bus Tours

A fun 2 hour tour of all the hotspots Nashville has to offer.  Dance your way through Nashville with your your group with your own person DJ/Photographer/Host & Driver.

2 Hour Nashville Mural Tour

Nashville Mural Tour on Party Bus

Explore the artistic side of Nashville by visiting as many murals as possible on your 2 hour tour.  The funnest way to go from mural to mural that Nashville has to offer, comes with DJ/Photographer/Host & Driver.

If you choose to do the mural tour, please use promo code MURAL at checkout!

The Miss Avery Grace Bus does allow minors under 21 years of age on board, however a new law was passed that if a passenger under 21 is on, alcohol is not allowed.

By booking through this site, you agree to our cancellation (listed below) and BYOB policy.

Please be sure when making your reservation that your telephone number and email are accurate.  We will not spam you, or give out your information.  This is to maintain a clear line of communication, and if your information is invalid, the reservation will not be accepted.  If you make a reservation on the Avery Grace bus and wish to switch it to the Upstage Party Bus, there is a $50 fee to do so.


View our Photo Booth Pictures Here!


Pre-purchase your drinks from The Green Light Bar where we pick up at ahead of time via the link in your confirmation email.  You MUST use the promo code “Upstage” so they know which bus to have them ready for, in addition it gets you 5% off your order!  (we pass our cut to you)!  You may purchase your drinks at any time from now up until 1 hour before your tour, just choose “schedule for later” and put the date and time of your tour. It is important that this matches the date and tour & departure time exactly.

Per the new city ordinance we are unable to allow any alcohol over 8% per volume, so we are no longer allowing any outside alcohol purchases to ensure there are no issues.

Party Bus tours you can drink on!
A safe place for girls to be girls and drink with no worries!


Music City wouldn’t be a party if you have to plug an aux chord.  Leave the music up to our host!  They’ll have you dancing through Nashville the entire time.  We don’t use Spotify or playlists, we use the same professional software as the pros on Upstage Party Bus! This ensures for perfectly mixed music without the dead air between each song.  Of course we still welcome and will play your requests!

MISS AVERY GRACE uses professionally integrated software to ensure the highest quality of music on every ride.


The Miss Avery Grace bus was actually built with kids in mind!  The company Upstage Party Bus is family owned, and Avery Grace is the owners daughter, this bus was built after her!  We encourage kids of all ages to have a fun way of touring the city all while having fun.  We have hosted many kids parties know how to go from a bachelorette party to a birthday party.  Please keep in mind, when minors are on board, alcohol is not allowed on.

Kids Parties in Nashville