Upstage Party Bus & the Miss Avery Grace bus both allow guests to pre-purchase their alcoholic drinks for their tours at liquor store prices!  The city of Nashville has some very strict rules about which types of drinks are and are not allowed on party buses.  We made following these rules extremely easy for our guests by providing a menu for you, and allowing you to pre-purchase your drinks from that menu.  Please note that most of these drinks are in 16oz cans, and not your traditional 12oz 6-packs.  Only purchase what you will be drinking, as we cannot allow you to walk off the bus with open cases.

This is the only BYOB option we are providing, and drinks purchased from any other liquor store will not be allowed on either bus.  Because our pickup location is a bar, and you are unable to walk into a bar with alcohol, we found a loophole by having your drinks delivered!  Simply visit the link provided in your confirmation or click here, and follow these instructions:

  1. Click “Schedule for later”, and enter the date and time of your tour.  
  2. Be sure to use the promo code “Upstage” to not only get 5% off of your order, but to also ensure that the drinks you order get onto the right bus.  

If your reservation was made before April 15th you are grandfathered in to our original BYOB policy.


We do serve drinks on the Upstage Party Bus (the white coach bus)!

Our current drink options are as follows:


Miller Lite – Coors Light – Twisted Tea


Corona – White Claw Black Cherry – White Claw Lime