For the shared/per-person rentals, ALL riders must be 21 years of age or older .

For private reservations underage riders are permitted, and only riders that are consuming alcoholic beverages need to be 21 years of age or older.

We offer 2 types of services to our customers.

Service 1: Private party rentals (Rent the entire bus for your private party.)

Service 2: Per person rental (Pay per person for 2 hours of full access)

Our pricing page outlines the cost for both services. Pricing will vary by day of the week.

Contact us at 615-801-4155 for group discounts and seasonal specials!

  • A government issued ID.
  • Alcoholic drinks (For those 21 and over) and non-alcoholic drinks. (We have a large refrigerator to keep your drinks ice cold!) PLEASE NOTE: Due to state regulations, after your event, you are NOT allowed to take ANY alcoholic drinks off of the bus.
  • For days when it is hot you may consider bringing sunscreen.
  • For colder days dress warmer!

Gratuity is not included in your cost. Cash tips are greatly appreciated!

The driver, bartender, and DJ work hard to make your experience great, and they do rely on your tips.

If you are purchasing alcohol or any other drinks from Frugal MacDoogl, we suggest arriving at least 25 minutes before your departure time.

Shared/Per-person Reservation QUESTIONS

We make our pickups extremely easy for our guests, we pickup at “Frugal MacDoogal” located at 701 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203, where guests are able to purchase drinks for the tour (Please note: no coolers allowed on the bus).

We start our tour at “Frugal MacDoogal”, from there we travel to the Music City Center, pass the Bridgestone Arena, then down historic Broadway Street. Then we travel over the Cumberland River, around Nissan Stadium, then over the Korean Vets Bridge for some spectacular views! We then go back to the Broadway area, where we have a bathroom break 1/2 way through your run at Whisky Bent Saloon. From there, we head to the Vanderbilt area, Midtown, & the Gulch.

Nashville can be a very busy place, and is filled with tons of events from time to time. These events to cause road closures, so we may not be able to go in specific areas all the time. Example: Nissan Stadium may be closed due to a large concert or sporting event.

For shared/per-person reservations, the final stop is the same as the pickup location, “Frugal MacDoogal” located at 701 Division St, Nashville, TN 37203.

Food & Drink QUESTIONS

We apologize, food is not allowed on the bus.

Upstage Party Bus does not allow coolers on the bus. We would like for the guests to have as much space as possible, and coolers do take up a ton of room. We have refrigeration on board to keep your drinks ice cold. Upstage Party Bus picks up at a liquor store, where your drinks go from their refrigeration to ours! Please note: you are not obligated to purchase from the liquor store, but it is recommended as their prices are the same or cheaper than any other liquor store in Nashville.

Glass bottles of alcohol products are allowed. Please do not put alcohol into plastic containers or water bottles. It is easier for our bartender to pour from the actual bottles. If you are drinking a beer that only comes in bottles, they will be poured into a plastic cup.

We provide plastic cups, ice, and water bottles. You simply bring whatever you’ll be drinking.

Unfortunately this is a STRICT NO. We strongly advise you to bring only what you will be drinking. The same way BYOB’s work, or any bar for that matter, you are not allowed to walk out of a bar with drinks… therefore you are unable to walk off the Upstage Party Bus with drinks. Even if a case of beer is brought on and only 1 beer is missing, that case is considered open, and not allowed off, even though the beers are still sealed. Once the seal of a bottle of alcohol is broken, it is considered open. Any non-alcoholic drinks may be brought off the bus.


The Upstage Party bus includes:

  • 7 large TV screens
  • Full Club DJ setup with over 3,500 music videos
  • Professional Concert Stereo System
  • Custom electric powered refrigerator to keep your drinks ice cold (restaurant grade refrigerator)
  • 8 Professionally Programmed Concert Lights
  • The largest open roof (which also can be covered/closed) with amazing views
  • Air ride suspension (NOT spring suspension), for a much smoother ride

In order to get a full refund, you’ll need to cancel at least 21 days prior to the date of your scheduled time. If you cancel any later than that, you will still be required to pay. Make sure to plan ahead and let us know as soon as you realize your plans have changed!