There is always the question, “What should we do in Nashville?”

If you are looking for a fun activity for your group to do while in Nashville, look no further! Upstage Party bus is great for groups of all sizes. Currently while in Phase 2 of of the Health Departments “Guide-map to Reopening”, groups up to 15 people are allowed to stand while on the bus. Groups are allowed up to 25 guests, but are asked to stay seated. We are in discussion with Billy Fields, Nashville’s head of transportation, in addition to many individuals of the Health Department. ¬†Phase 3 is scheduled for October 1st, and apparently there is discussion of lifting the mask mandate on the 1st as well!

There have been 0 reported cases of Covid-19 coming back to the “Transpotainment” industry, and for good reason. We are the only business that shuts down for a 1/2 hour between every trip to thoroughly sanitize our bus. We do this between each and every group! Also, we are an outdoor mobile venue, which the CDC states is safer than being indoors. Choose Upstage Party Bus when you are thinking “What should we do in Nashville?”!

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