Tours with Alcohol in Nashville, TN

You’ve got many options of tours to take in Nashville, Tn. You can peddle, you can ride in a truck bed, a tractor, or even a hot tub. When creating the Upstage Party Bus we took the customers needs in consideration. These needs are 1. PARTYING! 2. Comfort 3. Style 4. Drinks, drinks, and drinks!
Upstage Party Bus decided that it’s best for our guests to be able to bring their own drinks on board, otherwise know as a B.Y.O.B. When you take in consideration that most companies charge $7 a drink, Upstage is clearly a better option when it comes down to being cost effective. Our tours start at $600, and can hold up to 30. That being said, for our least expensive tour, the cost per person is only $20 plus whatever alcohol y’all would like to bring on board.
Imagine a nice sunny day on a boat, this is very similar to that, but floating through Nashville! The drinks start flowing, now imagine you have drank 8 beers through your tour. Wouldn’t you much rather have purchased those drinks from the liquor store cheap, rather than paying $7 a pop?! That’s a total of $56 + the cost of your ticket for other tours, and doesn’t include shots. Over all, if you are drinking on a tour in Nashville, TN, Upstage Party Bus is your best option. Not only is it extremely cost effective, but it is hands down the best party bus tour. No peddling, not being crammed into a tight space, and having the comfort with an air ride suspension that won’t leave you bouncing all over the place. Upstage Party Bus will exceed your expectations. We are the ONLY luxurious open air coach bus in not only Nashville, but the world! Book with the best at